Sunday, April 8, 2012

Walang Patawad

Corrupt airport personnel should meet my Granny!

An exec of a giant real estate company in the Philippines recently intimated that they are not very keen in luring tourists to their hotels and vacation resorts. To survive and prosper, they have to become the favorite of the local market. Tourists, while they bring in money, cannot be relied upon because our country is not ready for sustained tourist arrivals.

Our country do not have good airports, our transportation system is behind by at least 10 years, etc, etc..

While we are in this topic, I'd like to to talk about our problematic airports. Our greatest handicap is the honesty of our airport personnel. While I believe that most of them are good people, we seriously need to revamp the areas that matter most since the bad few greatly tarnishes the image of our country. If even returning Filipinos are not happy with our airport employees, how can the country become appealing to the rest of the world?

Please take note that in the survey of the world's worst airports, the Philippines ranked on top mostly because of corrupt airport employees. in an article to be found in this link, even an old balikbayan in a wheelchair wasn't spared by extortionists both during her arrival and departure.

People who check the baggage of incoming and outgoing passengers are perceived to be the most corrupt and this is closely followed by our immigration personnel who are seen as very strict and even rude and yet, the bad guys seem to be getting away all the time.


  1. Disgusting... Not your post but what the asshole did to the balikbayan.

  2. No email from you in my inbox ma'am!