Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Build your own clean power source

I’ve always wanted to put up my own mini wind turbines at home and generate enough power to light my home and power my television sets. Getting it to power the air-conditioning and refrigeration units may be a distant dream but I will not stop until I’ve attained that. I also want to be able to convert my car into a hybrid because buying a Hybrid vehicle is not yet economical. Based on my calculations, the gas savings generated by using a hybrid vehicle (in this country) is nowhere close to offsetting the buying costs. In this country, a Toyota Prius still sells very expensively.

In the news today, Google invested $168 Million for a solar power plant that will produce enough electricity to power 85,000 homes per year. Wow! I hope that its next project will be the development of mini turbines and solar cell roofing and wall claddings that will power individual homes. That will be the best.

Reference: Google's Solar Power Project

Thursday, April 7, 2011

NaWillie Na

I am starting to hate the guts of this guy and the people around him. I've read statements fro him telling those who hate him that he is helping people with his program and nobody is getting exploited. Such statements I find overly arrogant for a person who has made his money from such programs. Yes, some poor people are making some money but make no mistake about it, the biggest beneficiaries of his shows are the brains behind the program is Willie Revillame himself.

Because of his "Philanthropic" programs, Willie Revillame had become the proud owner of some of the most expensive cars in the country. Because of such program, a high rise condominium and mall is scheduled to rise in Quezon City and who do you think owns it? Yes, It's Willing Willie! A Google search for "Willie Nepumuceno properties" will show a lot. And I don't think that's the entire thing.


No wonder people find him such a bogus. I hope he stops, listen to his critics and start doing the right thing. I hope that none of his kids and descendants will have to dance a la macho dancer or stripper on national TV just to be able to earn a few bucks. I hope he realizes that before it actually happens. Willie Revillame, do you hear us?