Monday, April 30, 2012

5 useful tools to add to our email

This is supposed to make us more productive and efficient. Let's see.

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Financial Advice

Financial wealth is what you saved.
It’s never about what you spent.
It’s about the value of your cash in bank, investments and properties.
It’s never measured by what you squandered by partying and lavish spending.
Rich people maintain their statuses by spending far lesser than what they earn.
As a result, their savings multiply and they get richer and richer.
The value that they grow therefore becomes their increasing net worth. 

 I'd like to elaborate on this a bit more in the next posts for it will become my guide. I often fall for the trap of spending and after some thinking, I get to realize that I would have been much better if I planned my expenditures well.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My first "CNN article"

I woke up a bit early for a Saturday and switched on the television.

That's when I found out that CNN will be featuring the Philippines for the entire of next week and they even have a special page in their website for it.

I promptly searched Google and was led to a page where I promptly typed my first short CNN contribution about Philippine Tourism.

It's quite flattering when I looked into my CNN profile and my article is described as having been done "ON ASSIGNMENT".

Moi', a CNN reporter? Whoa!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

North Face Movie: Remembering a special long time ago vacation

This is one rare lazy Saturday morning though later, I will be a bit busy. On cable TV is "North Face", a mountaineering story about an attempt to conquer one of the hardest summits in the world. 
I didn't really pay attention to the movie but when it showed wonderful views of the Swiss Alps, I was suddenly jolted awake and filled with a desire to go back and bring together my love ones so they too can experience the enjoyment that I had. As a student, I was Switzerland for a while and was fortunate enough to be taken to a holiday in the Jungfrau region. 
The movie "North Face" showed exactly the places where I spent that holiday. Of course, I didn't climb up to the peak or anywhere near it. I just spent my time hanging around that tourist area and goofed around a bit.

Here are photos:

Scene in the movie

Scene in the Movie
That's me kicking a snowman at the back of that bigger building in the top photo

Here's a photo of the nice centuries olf train going up to the mountain retreat. The ride by itself is a very breathtaking experience. It's funny though because I can't remember the train being red. I have to look for the rest of my photos of that trip.

Here's a scene in the movie

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Walang Patawad

Corrupt airport personnel should meet my Granny!

An exec of a giant real estate company in the Philippines recently intimated that they are not very keen in luring tourists to their hotels and vacation resorts. To survive and prosper, they have to become the favorite of the local market. Tourists, while they bring in money, cannot be relied upon because our country is not ready for sustained tourist arrivals.

Our country do not have good airports, our transportation system is behind by at least 10 years, etc, etc..

While we are in this topic, I'd like to to talk about our problematic airports. Our greatest handicap is the honesty of our airport personnel. While I believe that most of them are good people, we seriously need to revamp the areas that matter most since the bad few greatly tarnishes the image of our country. If even returning Filipinos are not happy with our airport employees, how can the country become appealing to the rest of the world?

Please take note that in the survey of the world's worst airports, the Philippines ranked on top mostly because of corrupt airport employees. in an article to be found in this link, even an old balikbayan in a wheelchair wasn't spared by extortionists both during her arrival and departure.

People who check the baggage of incoming and outgoing passengers are perceived to be the most corrupt and this is closely followed by our immigration personnel who are seen as very strict and even rude and yet, the bad guys seem to be getting away all the time.