Saturday, April 21, 2012

North Face Movie: Remembering a special long time ago vacation

This is one rare lazy Saturday morning though later, I will be a bit busy. On cable TV is "North Face", a mountaineering story about an attempt to conquer one of the hardest summits in the world. 
I didn't really pay attention to the movie but when it showed wonderful views of the Swiss Alps, I was suddenly jolted awake and filled with a desire to go back and bring together my love ones so they too can experience the enjoyment that I had. As a student, I was Switzerland for a while and was fortunate enough to be taken to a holiday in the Jungfrau region. 
The movie "North Face" showed exactly the places where I spent that holiday. Of course, I didn't climb up to the peak or anywhere near it. I just spent my time hanging around that tourist area and goofed around a bit.

Here are photos:

Scene in the movie

Scene in the Movie
That's me kicking a snowman at the back of that bigger building in the top photo

Here's a photo of the nice centuries olf train going up to the mountain retreat. The ride by itself is a very breathtaking experience. It's funny though because I can't remember the train being red. I have to look for the rest of my photos of that trip.

Here's a scene in the movie

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