Monday, May 10, 2010

SMARTMATIC is not so smart

After the new President has been proclaimed and things have settled down, let us join our concerned countryman in Washington, Loida Nicolas Lewis in calling for an investigation of Smartmatic. This company has proven itself to have been caught unprepared to handle the Philippine elections and the trials that happened a few days ago is one of the simple proofs. In thebtrial, Smartmatic used papers that easily blot inks and caused the failure of many public tests. The public got very very scared and petitions to delay the polls were filed. Why such thing happened is beyond me.

Public trials are supposed to have been proceeded by successful laboratory trials. Let us take the case of Nokia and other firms. Do they release their latest gadgets without several successful tests? The failed test simply demonstrated Smartmatic's inadequacy to handle the elections. Before it bidded for the Comelec contract, it should have fully proven its devices matched with the appropriate types of paper. What they did (during the test) is that they used ballots that did was not accepted by the machines causing errors in the reading of votes.

I strongly believe that Smartmatic was technically not ready to handle the project and how they got the contract is worthy of public scrutiny. I call on the next government to have the company investigated by a huge panel composed of representatives from the government, business groups (Makati Business Group, PCCI, etc.), the NGO's and the techie community.


- OBAMA asked to investigate Smartmatic