Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Disaster Management 101

I read somewhere and quite sometime ago, something like; "
When you try to apologize, comfort or make amends with the people you have offended or harmed, make sure that the act is genuine."
I have forgotten where I read those lessons but it is what came to my mind in the aftermath of the hostage crisis.

Kris Aquino went to see the survivors of the tragedy and quietly took the curses thrown to her face by one of the ladies. The media and critics drowned such act for it wasn't helpful to the critics' cause or very newsworthy for the media compared to the other things that were happening that day.

In contrast, the management of a shipping company was said to have given insurance benefits to survivors of a ship's sinking -- in exchange for the signing of a document that frees the firm from any liability.

In the news today, a US based company immediately made available $100 Million dollars in cash as emergency assistance to the residents affected by a gas pipe explosion. That, they did while guaranteeing that those who avail of the money may still sue them for the damages caused by the explosion. Read the news here.

Compare and contrast the three examples that I wrote about and tell us what damaging party will go out being less damaged by what happened.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ciara Sotto Pole Dances

Here's a Youtube video of Filipina singer-actress Ciara Sotto performing a pole dance routine in a TV show. She did it very tastefully and so full of grace. All I can say is.. Wow!