Thursday, March 31, 2011

How To Apologize

Be sincere and keep it short.

That's one lesson that Willie Revillame should learn. Alot of people think that he should have stopped after two sentences.

As the saying that goes;

Never Explain.
Your friends don't need it.
Your enemies won't believe it.

Here's where I am coming from --> Willie's Apology Criticized. They think it's bogus

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beware of Those Who Mention Religion

In my 15 years of professional career, I've developed a few timeless formulas.

One of them is to stay away from people who mentions their religion. People like them are the biggest crooks that you will ever meet.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Decision Points

In life, people gets to a road that fork, from time to time. The question, always is, will it be to the right or the left, this time? Decisions may be easy or difficult, before one can even decide on anything, it is most important to know whether a situation had reached a decision point.

When is the right time to leave? Is it when the escape route had become impassable.

Remember that the problem is not limited to one’s own vicinity. From Pasig to Libya, the reasons remain the same.

During the onslaught of the great typhoon “Ondoy”, the people in the subdivisions in Pasig failed to monitor and forecast the rising floodwaters in their possible escape routes. When the waters have started to threaten their homes, it had become impossible for them to drive out. The escape roads which were on lower grounds, has been deeply submerged.

In Libya, the same thing basically happened. The Philippine government tarried. They didn’t do anything substantial until it had become almost too late to make one. Newscaster and former Philippine Vice President Noli de Castro laments that the Department of Foreign Affairs even lambasted them for painting a gloomy picture of Libya’s unrest.

When the government finally decided to evacuate Filipinos from Libya, the roads had become gauntlets of death. Even if the Philippine government had money, it had become very dangerous to drive out. Even the borders had become very difficult to cross.

The two events draw parallelisms in a lot of things in people’s daily lives. Take a moment to contemplate and you’ll be surprised at how many decision points were ignored as we dealt with the daily rigors that life threw at us.

There’s a lesson in everything that happens in our daily lives. Let’s hope that we will never fail to learn it.